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Introducing the Spice Wheel

Three years ago while hiking and backpacking,I could find no convenient way to store my spices. Tired of losing small plastic bottles and foil packets of spices, oils, and seasonings, I designed what has become the Spice Wheel.

The Spice Wheel is the simplest and best way to keep your spices safely stored while traveling. It is also a perfect accessory for storing other backpacking items, such as matches, iodine tablets, and small hardware. The circular shape fits perfectly into most camping pots and pans, and the hole in the middle makes it easy to attach to a pack or other gear. Also, the Spice Wheel is BPA-Free.

Our U.S. patent was recently issued (#7,156,226) and we are currently searching for an outdoor company to license this product, which is already in production. If you are interested, please contact Matt Van Sickle.

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